Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dogs in Space!

I like this sweet little Gocco print by monocol. Monocol is two artists on Etsy, Tom Eykemans and Gwynne Siakan from Seattle. This print is of Laika, the Dog Cosmonaut Darumina.

Daruminals are based on the Japanese wish dolls called Darumas. Traditionally, the wisher makes a wish and colors in the right eye of a daruma. If the wish comes true, the wisher then colors in the left eye.

It reminds me a display of a dog cosmonaut that I saw at the KGB museum in Moscow.

During the 1950s and 1960s the former USSR used a number of dogs for sub-orbital and orbital space flights to determine whether human spaceflight was feasible. They launched missions with passenger slots for at least 57 dogs. The actual number of dogs in space is smaller, as some dogs flew more than once. A few died due mostly through technical failures or intentionally.

Sometimes I think that Henry is from space.

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