Friday, August 28, 2009

Poor Henry

Speaking of dogs... Henry got a haircut.



My mom tried to shave him for me, but that didn't give the best results so I took him to a groomer. I guess he had gotten so matted that they had no other choice.

I miss his fluffy snoodle hair. It will grow back right?

Poor Henry.


Anonymous said...

i think he feels outed. his mischievous eyes tell the story. his devious plans are foiled. until he regains his cover.

Anonymous said...

also, tanya, i wonder if that groomer was under the influence of anything while grooming henry. was she completely coherent?

and another thing, i'd like to read more about your personal life. your comings and goings and the mundanes. you are a beautiful woman, i'm sure you have a supportive partner to speak of.

ttishbite said...

That groomer was fine... her crystal meth binge was the week before.

ttishbite said...

Maybe I'll blog about my supportive partner some day. Gotta keep my readers guessing.

Anonymous said...

that is why you write the blog and i just comment. i still have my doubts about that groomer though. maybe the meth binge was over but i believe the smack binge was just getting underway. did you see her daily planner?

Tuesday: smack
Wednesday: sleep on side to avoid vomit death.
Thursday: smack

and so on...

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