Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grandma's House - Before and After

The Dining Room

At first, the dining room looked like the rest of the house. Full of stuff. We worked our way through... digging holes, finding some treasures and throwing out a lot of junk. It was hard to believe there was a dining room table, a loveseat, three dressers, a media cabinet filled with hundreds of sheet music books and two bookshelves under there.


In the picture, the room is about halfway cleared. We pushed the dining table against the wall to make more room to get into the kitchen. The dresser was filled with pictures, linens, coupons with no expiration dates and yarn (lots of yarn). My mom took the dresser to her house but still doesn't know where she's going to put it.


Here the dining room is cleared out. The carpet was pulled back to reveal beautiful hard wood that we never knew existed. What a big sigh of relief! I thought I would have to put down new flooring. The old carpet was filthy and covered with signs of critters. Things were shaping up!


The hardwood floors got a new life! We cleaned and refinished it. Now it has a caramel / coco brown look. The walls were originally going to be a bright turquoise blue but I decided I'd rather have a calming blue instead of an energizing blue. This blue is repeated in the kitchen, along with a muted lime green for the cabinets. The curtains are original to the house. The washing machine, even on the gentle cycle, was not kind to them and left a couple tiny holes. Luckily, the holes are hidden by the folds when hung.

The chair was an estate sale find. I love the way the paint is chipping off combined the powdery blue / grey colored upholstery. The large flower print is by an Asian artist, Sanyu (I also have his Agnes print). The portrait was found at Fred's Unique Furniture and Antiques.


Due to the size of the room, the media wall had to be divided into two sides of the room. The shelves were a purchase on craigslist. They were handmade by a former antique book dealer. They are kind of oddly sized and mismatched... but I like it. I wish all of it could have fit on one wall but it works for now. The 50s dinette was another find at Fred's.

I found this Russian Cosmonaut Communist propaganda at the KGB museum in Moscow. I never knew what to do with it or where to put it in my old place, but it just seemed to fit here. None of the artwork in the room seems to match, but they all play into the blue / green theme.

Here is a close-up of the chair I so love.

This is my collection of plates from my travels to Turkey, Morocco and Iran. My mom gave me the idea to hang them over the doorway into the kitchen and Corey helped me hang them. I have another set of plates on the other side looking into the dining room from the kitchen but those have a different story.


Anonymous said...

wow! What a difference! I love the dinette set. You have done an amazing job.

Ronda313 said...

that's amazing

Gypsy Moon Art Studio said...

You have done a great job. That must be very satisfying to see the changes you have made.

Marcy said...

that looks amazing tanya!

Anonymous said...

looks great.

ttishbite said...

I couldn't have done it without you Corey. Muah!

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