Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little comfort... please...

I woke up at 6am the other morning in extreme pain. I don't know if I slept weird or something happened the day before but all I know is that I couldn't move my neck. Poor Corey has been doing a good job taking care of me.... putting on my Icy/Hot patches, making my tea, etc... but I just can't seem to get comfortable. So I went on Etsy and did a keyword search on the word "comfort" and these are my finds:

The Carly Dress
by mydearthing.

Fiona Headband by Bebecha.

A little bit of archival print by corid.

1 comment:

~cori said...

hope you are feeling well SOON! best, cori *and thank you for including me in such a beautiful collection.

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