Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Victorian and Deco Glam

Summer 2010 Creations: inspired by Victorian style and Art Deco Glam.

I have been so inspired this year to create more involved and detailed jewelry and accessories. These bracelets are just the beginning.

They are already selling fast. I haven't been able to post them online because of all the shows this summer.

My next goal is to create an awesome one-of-a-kind statement necklace.

I was lucky to have my best friend, Joyce, help me out at the Cleveland Handmade Market last Sunday. During a break, she did a bit of modeling for me. She may have missed her calling as an arm model.

And a bonus: "Everybody Loves Owls" ring...

1 comment:

Julia Maiuri said...

Tanya, I LOVE your work! One day I will be the proud owner of that cute little deer or owl ring :)

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