Monday, July 12, 2010

Etsy Favorites - Jumpers for Grown Ups

This summer has been a hot one. Something about hot weather makes me want to wear clothing that comes in one piece and can be disassembled with the flick of a button (or two). This leads me to jumpsuits (jumpers). And yes, the majority of jumpers on Etsy are for children under five years of age, but I knew there had to be a few or more that I know I could rock.

The first one I found was this lovely Mod Mondrian Tent Dress. I hate to admit it but I actually had to google Mondrian. Here's what I discovered... it is named after a Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian who worked in rectilinear color blocks. He was part of a Dutch artist movement called De Stijl, or The Style. The term De Stijl is used to refer to a body of work from 1917 to 1931 founded in the Netherlands. Due to my recent search for my forefathers and foremothers (damn you PBS for your series on ancestry!), I found out that I can trace my people all the way back to a castle in Holland. Is it a coincidence that I am attracted to Dutch rectilinear color blocking?? Or that I secretly wish I was born in a different decade that would have allowed me to buy this type of item right off the rack?? I owe these questions to you, Etsy seller DepanneurRoyale.

It's no surprise that I love 40s, 50s and 60s pin up gear and wiggle dresses. So this pick was a shoe-in. This items has been to the front page of Etsy and blogged about before but I just can't resist showing off Etsy seller, nudeedudee's designs.

In her Etsy profile she states, "I've been collecting rockin vintage patterns, buttons, and fabrics for the past 15 yrs to make myself custom clothes as I am way too tall to fit in the originals. To say the least, I have amassed quite a stash."

Kudos to her for not conforming to clothes that don't fit.

Just to be fair, I scrolled through some of the older listings and found this stunner by PantorabyAndrea.

Her profile states that she is a student at FIT. A friend of mine attended that school and went on to work for Calvin Klein and Levi's. Regardless of where she ends up, she is very talented. I would rock any of her gowns. If only I had a place to rock them at or to...

Okay, one more.

This time I searched for "jumper, 80s," which is more of what I envision when I think jumpers. I think my mom owned this once upon a time. I remember she had a matching terry cloth bath robe. I borrowed it to take on my 6th grade trip to Mackinac Island. It didn't make it home. I'm afraid I left it on the hook of my hotel room. That was a sad day. Now I always double check that hook... sneaky stealer of bath robes.
It's from Etsy seller lbapparel. She can custom make one in a couple different colors. How about rainbow print terry cloth??

Henry's "Niecester"

Back in March, Henry lost his only child status and became a Bruncle (brother/uncle). Jolie, Henry's sister from the same litter, gave birth to six pups. All six puppies got to grow up (for the first five weeks of their lives) with Corey and I at home base. So for a few weeks we had eight dogs (8 dogs!) running our house. I felt like the octomom.

After many weeks of pee and poo clean up, Jolie and five of the pups went to their forever homes. Two of them Freddie and Pinky (renamed Kojo and Teba) went home with Jolie to live with my friend Fred, who owns Jolie and the father, Cooper. Noodle (now Bella), Batman (now Bandit) and Crybaby (not sure of her new name) went to Fred's friends. That leaves one pup who certainly was not picked last. In fact, moments after their birth, I knew she was the one.

A Grand Day Out

Tucker tired.

Three months later: Shuggs!

She's peeking at you!

Shuggs (short for Sugar) is just the Niecester (niece/sister) that Henry has been waiting for. Sometimes Shuggs gets on Henry's nerves so he'll jump up somewhere she can't reach yet but for the must part, they're best pals.
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